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The New Uni Q


What is Unichip?

Unichip is a fully programmable engine management system, which allows 408 optimised fuel and ignition parameters to be channeled through a vehicle's standard Engine Control unit (ECU) to deliver maximum power, optimised drivability and improved fuel economy.
Unlike other performance chips, the Unichip is not a replacement pre programmed "one size fits all" chip. Unichip works in harmony with the standard ECU and is mapped live on our rolling road to obtain the safest maximum power, torque and optimum fuel economy for your engine.

Why should I install a Unichip to my car?

The most obvious reason is to increase engine performance. Significant gains in torque and power across the entire RPM range are possible. In addition, the engine will be smoother, deliver greater response and maximize fuel efficiency at all RPM and throttle positions. A second reason is to harness the performance value of engine and exhaust modifications.
Standard engine management systems are not programmed to cater for exhaust changes, cat back exhaust systems, high flow air cleaners, performance camshafts or larger turbochargers and intercoolers.
How does Unichip increase engine power?

Every engine requires optimum ignition timing and air fuel ratio at all RPM and load conditions. Unichip gives the experienced Dynamometer technician the access to and ability to adjust and optimise both the ignition and fuel system. Unichip has 17 RPM sites between 500 RPM and 8000 RPM and 12 load sites between zero throttle position and wide-open throttle position. This equates to 204 possible adjustments for fuel and a further 204 adjustments for ignition timing.

How much extra power can I expect from Unichip?

Power gains of 10 bhp to 20bhp are commonplace, as measured by an accurate chassis dynamometer. Whilst less common, power gains of 40bhp have been verified. The exact power gain however depends on the design and condition of the engine and the factory calibration of the engine control unit. No two engines are identical. The Unichip results represent the optimisation of each individual engine. Unichip results are verified by before and after dynamometer tests measured at 100% throttle opening across the entire RPM range.

How is Unichip different from "performance chips"?

Unichip is a piggyback engine management system. As such, it is far more advanced than "generic plug-in performance chip" products. It is individually programmable to meet the requirements of engine and driver. Being fully adjustable, Unichip can cater for non-standard, current and future engine modifications. Best of all, unichip can deliver the most personalized power result every time - uniquely tuned for fuel type and octane rating, even particular ambient conditions of operation. Unichip can also be used for idle control, drive extra injectors for aftermarket turbo installations, eliminate road speed governors and control turbo boost.

Is it safe to tune my car on a Dynamometer?

Yes, it is safe. A dynamometer does not create any greater load on the engine than what you experience in normal driving conditions. Very efficient cooling fans are utilized to ensure safe engine temperature control.

Does the Unichip need to be serviced or retuned?

There is no need to readjust the Unichip unless the engine has been modified. It is nearly impossible for the Unichip data to change after the Unichip ECU has been programmed, causing the engine to be detuned. It is possible however for the fuel pressure to drop (if the fuel pump deteriorates) which would cause the engine to run a leaner air fuel ratio than normal. Other items such as fuel injectors and spark plugs will need servicing from time to time which will also change the state of engine tune.
What time is required to install Unichip?

This depends on the engine configuration and whether the engine is standard or modified, normally aspirated or turbocharged, two or four wheel drive.

Clive Atthowe Has been trained by Pieter Dewert the founder of Dastek in South Africa at the Dastek HQ in the full operation of the Uni Q and Diesel powerplug both the theory and hands on mapping of both products.


Revotechnik for VW /
    Audi / Seat / Skoda

Performance Upgrades Subaru

Impreza and Mitsubushi Evo

Diesel upgrades

 What are the engine management advantages of Unichip?

Unlike many other engine management systems, Unichip does not alter the cold start; knock sensors, water temperature sensors, air temperature sensors or oxygen sensors. All remain genuine components. A major advantage of Unichip is that it works in harmony with the factory ECU to enhance and unleash the best possible performance result without compromising engine durability.

Is the original factory engine control unit modified by installing Unichip?

No. Unichip is a supplementary computer, which is programmed to contain the optimum fuel and ignition adjustments for each individual engine. The factory engine management control unit is not altered in any way. The Unichip is simply installed by connecting to the wires of the original factory ECU.
Unichip real-time tuning - What does this mean?

Real time tuning describes the process whereby adjustments are made to the ignition timing and air fuel ratio whilst running the vehicle on a dynamometer. In doing so, the technician can optimise power output at any RPM point. For example, if we run the vehicle at 2,000 RPM, we can increase the ignition timing to the point of maximum power before reaching combustion detonation. The same practise applies to the air fuel ratio. We can clearly see, by watching the dynamometer power graph, what air fuel ratio produces the highest power at 2,000 RPM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much power will I get from fitting a UNICHIP?
A. As much as is possible! As every car is live tuned on our Dastek rolling road and every car is different, it's impossible to quote exact figures, but most normally aspirated (non-turbo) cars will see 7-12bhp gains, with turbocharged cars giving anything from 20-60bhp depending on make or model. However, no other chip will give you more.
Q. What makes the UNICHIP better than the competition.
A. In short, live-mapping. Only UNICHIP is fully customised to your individual car, so only UNCHIP can get the maximum performance out of your car whilst retaining all the standard safety and diagnostic functions of your standard ECU.
Q. Will it damage my car?
A. Absolutely not. All cars are tuned within the manufacturers safety limits. UNICHIP achieves its gains by running the engine more efficiently, not more harshly.
Q. Will it harm my fuel economy?
A. No. Because UNICHIP is tuned for maximum performance at full throttle and fuel efficiency at partial throttle, your fuel economy is actually likely to improve slightly provided your driving style remains the same.
Q. How detectable is the UNICHIP?
A. Because the original ECU's programming is not affected, it will be invisible to the on-board diagnostics. And because of the unit's compact size it can be installed virtually anywhere in the car to make it as discreet as possible. The most obvious way of spotting it is by driving the car! However you should ALWAYS declare ALL performance modifications to your insurance company.
Q. How much?
A. Prices vary slightly between cars, get in touch with us to find your nearest dealer who will be able to provide you with a quote.


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Example's of Unichip work :-

Nissan 350Z :-Dyno graphs

Mustang V6:-Dyno graphs

Toyota Celica :-Dyno graphs


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