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Clive Atthowe U.K Top Technician Winner 2007

Tuning the Impreza Turbo WRX and STI 1999 onwards

Mitsubushi Evo 5 \ 6\ 7\ 8\ 9\10

Ecutek – the 21st century solution to the performance problem.

As part of the  Ecutek dealer network, we are able  to provide first class re-mapping facilities for ’99 on SUBARU and MITSUBISHI EVO 5,6,7, and 8.

Unlike previous tuning methods, the ECU does not require replacement, as we modify the factory programming, and the original manufacturer settings for good starting, idling, and emissions testing are not compromised. The result is a smooth transition to more power and torque with none of the problems associated with having to set up virtually from scratch.

Prodrive power ( and more ! ) for less  cost is just one major benefit for your Subaru, and the addition of the Mitsubishi Evo brings, for the first time, the opportunity to explore the 1.2 to 1.5 bar boost range previously denied to those who didn’t want the inconvenience and expense of an after market management system, or the use of nasty piggy back devices.

Using EcuTek's ECU reprogramming software we have the capability to fully reprogram the original ECU on any 1999 on Impreza Turbo or Forester Turbo, this is done in-situ via the diagnostics port.

The powerful EcuTek software gives us access to serious features that allow accurate and successful mapping of all the necessary area's of the cars brain.

Every car we do is CUSTOM mapped, we do not believe in using generic off the shelf maps as some tuning companies do.
As no two cars are exactly the same, it makes sense that to achieve the best results each car must be treated as unique, and whatever time necessary spent fine tuning the maps to achieve maximum gains and still retain a suitable safety margin.
All remaps come with before and after graphs from our in house Dastek dyno.

To reprogram the ECU, we connect the Laptop using the EcuTek programming interface via the diagnostic socket of the car. This gives us full access to ALL areas of the Subaru Factory ECU allowing us to fully customise mapping to suit aftermarket parts, exhausts, turbos, fuel injectors, front mount intercoolers, induction kits etc...

We have extensive knowledge of remapping both UK and JDM Impreza’s having carried out our own extensive upgrade programme on our own WRX as well as many satisfied customers cars over the last seven years from standard vehicles to heavily modified .

Unlike other 'chipping' solutions, ProECU Tools, require no soldering and no physical access to the ECU - an altogether quicker, cleaner and more reliable method of tuning.

Tuning The Mitsubushi Evo 5 \6 \7 \8 \ 9\10

With the Mitsubushi Evo we use the same ECU tuning tools as the Subaru Impreza Ecutek. The vehicle is flash reprogrammed via the diagnostic port this retains all the cars clever electronics but we re-map ignition curves, fuel maps and the boost control.

The ECU remains programmable so if further changes are made the ECU can be re-mapped again.

The only way to tell the car has been modified is to drive it even the factory diagnostics will not see that the ECU has had surgery.
The results depend on the vehicle specification and what other mods have been carried out.
Level one generally can achieve around 310-320 BHP and 285 lb/ft of torque with just ECU tuning on a completely standard car, using about 1.3 bar of boost.

Level two Using a full exhaust and 1.4 bar of boost (EVO 5-6) and 1.5 bar boost (EVO 7-8) you can make around 330 BHP-350BHP with 300-320 lb/ft of torque over 330 BHP will require a fuel pump upgrade.

We can also supply and fit Stainless steel exhaust’s both de cat and road \ MOT  legal sports cats \ induction kits \ dump valves \ uprated fuel pumps Suspension kits and much more please contact us with your requirements



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Why Reprogram the Original ECU ?


Reprogramming the original ECU is by far the cleanest, safest and quickest way of correctly compensating for engine, induction and exhaust modifications. The maps in the standard ECU may be adjusted to cater for virtually any modifications that are likely to be made to a car.
Civilised features such as cold start and stable idle are all retained, whilst performance mapping begins from the (already extremly good) standard Subaru map rather than from a blank sheet of paper.
Risky boost clamps, bleed valves, boost controllers and piggy back modules may all be discarded and replaced by a pure and accurate mapping adjustment.


The safety features of the ECU are retained, such as sensor checks, fuel cut, boost cut, rev limit, speed limit and 'limp home' mode, though they may be altered to suit the car and its modifications. E.g. if the ECU detects a problem (engine over-temperature or failed sensor), it is still in full control of boost pressure and is able to take evasive action to preserve the engine.


This is in stark contrast to external controllers and piggy back modules that either take over control of engine functions, or fool the ECU about the state of its sensors.

Tuneable Parameters:
Fuelling and Fuel Compensation
Ignition Timing and Ignition Compensation
Boost Pressure
Boost Limit
Turbo Dynamics
Boost Pressure Based Speed Limiting
Minimum and Maximum Wastegate Duty Cycle
Rev Limit
Air Flow Sensor Scaling
And many more.......


We can also supply and fit Stainless steel exhaust’s both de -cat and road \ MOT  legal sports cats \ induction kits \ dump valves \ uprated fuel pumps Suspension kits and much more please contact us with your requirements.



Dyno testing on the new Evo 10 for Ecutek pre sales launch in the UK

Dyno Graphs click Here

Clive Atthowe Tuning has over 30 years of tuning and diagnostic background with over 15 years rolling road and Bosch fuel injection experience.
Crypton technician of the year 1992 /93/94.
Bosch World Cup second place in the  UK 2002                    . 
Top Technician 2007 in the UK
Bosch Master Technician
ATA Master Technician
Bosch car service is OFT Approved
You can be confident in the quality of  our service.



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