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Dan Wright second place winner Top Technician 2012


Second place Top Technician 2011

Clive Atthowe U.K Top Technician Winner 2007




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Air Conditioning

Clive Atthowe Tuning has been involved in air conditioning service and repair for over 8 years and with the rapid growth in air conditioning fitment are seeing steady growth in this business.
We use the highly acclaimed Viper air conditioning equipment and have taken training with Motor Climate one of the most respected air conditioning centres in the U.K. having access to their vast knowledge and stores facilities puts us in an excellent position to service and repair any vehicle air conditioning system.

Does your Car Air Conditioning System Need Servicing?
Do you have ?

Odd smells inside your vehicle?
A windscreen that doesn't clear quickly?
A long wait for the interior to cool down?
Increased fuel consumption?

Then it's time to have your air conditioning serviced! Your air conditioning needs to be serviced regularly, if not it can result in:

Poor cooling
 Increased fuel consumption
 Long term expensive repair bills

We understand that your car is important to you and its annoying when your air conditioning goes wrong. Like all mechanical things maintenance is the key to keeping it working in top performance. Unfortunately refrigerant leaks do occur and as the performance decreases your fuel consumption goes up Vehicle manufacturers recommend that the air conditioning system is serviced every 2 years.

A fully functioning system brings you several major benefits:

Saves you money
Reduces pollen and pollution entering your car
Ensures the correct temperatures are being reached
Increases the life of your vehicle's air conditioning system
Reduces the amount of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere
Do you know if your air conditioning is working properly? the compressor having to work harder to maintain the vehicles interior temperature.

Most modern air conditioning systems use a pollen filter to extract particulates including pollen entering the driving compartment these require regular changing to remain working efficiently.



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Air Conditioning Testing
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Service and Repair

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Air Conditioning :- 

Full service consists of :-  
Temperature test , pressure test ,recover, vacuum and fully recharge system adding uva trace dye and oil.
Visual inspection of a\c components
Visual inspection of drive belts
Carry out full operational check of a\c system
Carry out leak checks and report any faults found.
Inspect pollen filter

If you are experiencing insufficient cooling or you feel that there could be a problem or leak with the system in your vehicle then contact our service department .
Where we have the equipment and trained staff to deal with your air conditioning problems.

Clive Atthowe Tuning has over 30 years of tuning and diagnostic background with over 15 years rolling road and Bosch fuel injection experience.
Crypton technician of the year 1992 /93/94.
Bosch World Cup second place in the UK 2002                    .
Top Technician 2007 in the UK
Bosch Master Technician
ATA Master Technician 
Bosch car service is OFT Approved  You can be confident in the quality  of our service.



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